Meghan Chase

A typical teenager: smart enough and pretty enough, with distinctive blonde hair, startling blue eyes and a slender frame clad in cargo pants and t-shirts. Not popular and fine with it: she's a bit shy and a lot stubborn. Not so typical: she's also half-Faery and a princess.

Ash - Ashallayn'darkmyr Tallyn

The youngest son of Queen Mab, he's a Faery prince of the Unseelie Court with chilling powers and a dark legacy. If those silver-grey eyes don't stop you cold, you might want to check your pulse. Handsome and serious, but slow to trust, he makes a powerful ally...and a dangerous love.

Puck - Robin Goodfellow

The original prankster: a Faery legend. To Meghan he's just Rob, her crazy red-headed BFF, until he's forced to reveal the truth and bring her to Faery. Mischievous and cunning, he's also fiercely loyal and will do anything to protect Meghan—secret love is like that sometimes.


This uncanny cat can be infuriating: he knows and sees all, but only shares what he wishes. Has a maddening tendency to disappear without warning.

Machina – The Iron King

A formidable Fey with deadly upgrades: steel cables fused to his spine that lash out on a whim. Ambitious and fiendishly clever, he's determined to conquer Faery and make Meghan his queen.


A terrifyingly powerful stallion that's not only armored, but entirely metal. A machine...but with a keen sense of honor you'd do well not to question.

Ethan Chase

Meghan Chase’s dark haired, blue-eyed little brother has grown up—and grown angry. Cursed with the Sight, Ethan is constantly hounded by the fey. All Ethan wants is to be left alone. Bitter with Meghan for deserting their family, Ethan will resist being drawn back into the world of Faery to his last breath. Unfortunately, that won’t be enough to keep him from being a key player as a new, dangerous type of faery rises…

MacKenzie “Kenzie” St. James

Don’t call her Mac! And don’t let Kenzie’s petite size fool you. The blue streak in her black hair shows her rebel side, and this aspiring reporter is courageous in defending anyone she cares about. Despite her warm brown eyes and carefree demeanor, Kenzie is hiding some dark secrets of her own. Secrets that may just throw Ethan for another loop


The beautiful fey boy with the silvery hair and ice-blue eyes takes after his parents more than he knows. Born of Summer, Winter and Iron, Keirran is considered a threat to the traditional Faery courts, even as a dark prophecy he is unaware of coils around him.


The banished Summer faery girl with the golden brown hair and green eyes knows she should stay away from Keirran, for she may be used as a pawn against him. Annwyl’s gentle ways show she is no fighter, but her quiet strength lies in the love she offers without strings.

The Forgotten

These ghostly fey are a mystery to the courts of Faery. Ash and Puck might vaguely…remember…something about them from Ash’s journey to earn a soul. But the memory is elusive, somehow…forgotten. The courts will soon learn to forget at their own peril…